Fish Dinner!  *January 21st*  


The Knights are offering our famous baked haddock (never fried), Maine mashed potatoes, coleslaw, peas and dessert for easy pick-up– only $12!  Fish dinners can be purchased after most Masses at St. Anne’s and online, below.  Have questions, or maybe you’d prefer to send a check?  Give the guys a call at (207) 550-1320 for help.



No need to leave your car– we’ll come to you!

When you pull into Saint Anne’s between 5:00 – 6:00 on Friday January 21st, there will be Knights ready to guide you into line.  We are asking everyone to make a big horseshoe around the perimeter of the parking lot so we have plenty of room for everyone.  We’ll bring your dinner(s) out to you when you reach the corner of the church.  Check out the the fancy diagram to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

St. Anne’s is located at 299 Main St, Gorham, ME.

Snow Delays

Should the weather force us to postpone, fish dinner Friday will be available next month on Friday February 18th. All delay details will be posted here.  If we have your email address (i.e. if you purchased your meal online) we will send snow delay updates directly to your inbox.