Drive Through Fish Dinner!  *December 16th*  


The Knights are offering our famous baked haddock (never fried), Maine mashed potatoes, coleslaw, peas and dessert for easy pick-up– only $12!  Fish dinners can be purchased after most Masses at St. Anne’s and online, below.  Have questions, or maybe you’d prefer to send a check?  Give the guys a call at (207) 653-9506 for help.



Pickup is between 5:00 – 6:00PM on Friday, December 16th.  When you get to Saint Anne’s Catholic Church at 299 Main St. in Gorham, the Knights will be there, rain or shine, ready to guide you through the parking lot to the pickup point. Be sure to follow the perimeter of the parking lot, like in the diagram, to help the flow of traffic.